I write this testimonial for Jenny with the utmost gratitude that our paths have crossed. She has been extremely impactful in my and my husband’s journey to become parents.

Our journey began a little over 3 years ago. We were able to successfully get pregnant on our own twice but unfortunately both pregnancies lead to early miscarriages. We then began the extensive testing with fertility specialist to rule out any specific causes. During this time of testing and almost an additional 18 months of trying to conceive without success, my husband and I were diagnosed with “unexplained infertility”. Factoring in our age (36 years old), the amount of time lapsed without successful conception plus the two miscarriages we were given a 1-2% chance of conceiving naturally. After getting a second opinion that supported this same diagnosis and success rate of conceiving, I oddly enough felt empowered to take this information and to “problem solve” outside the “medical box”. I had an acupuncturist for years that I had gone to for more general needs, but it was when a friend referred me to Jenny who specializes in fertility that I knew this was the route we needed to be on.

My instinct was right. Jenny and I worked together for about 6 months until excitedly we found out that we were in the 1-2%. We were pregnant! Our prayers were answered and nothing had changed in our equation, no drugs, no procedures, nothing except our routine acupuncture appointments. I continued to see Jenny during the first trimester of the pregnancy to help insure a healthy pregnancy. Then again, during the last month of my pregnancy for labor preparation. During these appointments not only did I find the treatments successful but the amount of knowledge and emotional support that Jenny offers is invaluable. There were many sessions I felt more thankful for her ear and insight than I could possibly repay her for.
I write this testimonial one day before my due date. I cannot believe this long journey to parenthood has finally lead us here, just days before meeting our son! My husband and I are grateful to embark on the path that is before us with full hearts and answered prayers. Jenny has been an integral part of our success!”

— E.T

My husband and I have been together for 8 years. We always knew we would get married, buy a house and start having children. After trying unsuccessfully to start growing our family, we made a difficult decision to look at alternative methods. We went in for our first discussion with a local infertility clinic right before my 34th birthday. I lost a few pounds, started watching what I was eating, we both quit smoking (myself the year before) and I started taking prenatal vitamins (fingers crossed). We tried using Letrozole first and after a couple of months, there was still no success. We took a deep breath and moved on to doing an IUI. After the second failed IUI attempt, weeks of crying and frustration, we knew it was time to look into IVF.

Before the first fresh IVF in August, I also began taking DHEA and CO-Q10 for a few months. And I prayed. A lot. To God, Buddha, whoever was listening. But despite all of that, the 2 little embryos never attached. It was back to square one and my heart hurt. I wanted to give my body a break, even though it failed to give me what I wanted most.

I did tons of online research and one thing kept popping up in my infertility search. Acupuncture. It seemed to be a growing trend, but in my mind it was really hokey and I couldn’t imagine it working. But did it work? I decided to give it a try – after all, what did I have to lose? I knew I wanted a woman, but there were not that many in Atlanta. And then I came across Jenny Karns. Her profile picture was nice, her smile seemed warm and she specialized in infertility. I set up an initial meeting for 2 hours and I didn’t know what to expect. Would it hurt? Would it make me bleed? But most importantly, would I feel a difference?

Jenny was just like her smile promised, she was warm in person. Almost like greeting an old friend. Halfway into our first discussion about my medical history, I was bawling my eyes out, venting my frustrations to her. She listened, jotted some notes and listened some more. Then we designed a plan specific to my situation. The first few times I was laying on the table, I was expecting the needles to hurt, but they never did and I became more comfortable. I was sleeping better at night, my stress felt like it was melting away and I was starting to “feel” like my old self.

We did acupuncture weekly from October to January, when my next IVF was scheduled. Keep in mind, there was nothing else that I was doing differently. Right before my transfer, I came in twice weekly, for a few weeks. Jenny was very flexible in having me come in an hour before my transfer and then immediately afterwards. During my waiting time, I still went in for acupuncture, and Jenny was texting me, checking in and offering words of encouragement. I’m happy to say that we are pregnant with twins! In my heart, I know it was the acupuncture that gave us our miracles. I appreciate all of the care and patience that Jenny took with me. I would highly recommend her if you are going through a similar situation and considering acupuncture.

— C.R.

My friend referred me to Jenny, and I’m so grateful that she did. I was TTC for at least 4 years and my husband and I finally decided to do IVF in conjunction with acupuncture, and we succeeded in the first try. I’m currently 8 week pregnant 🙂 Jenny has a lot of knowledge about IVF procedures and she gave me suggestions that were very helpful. She is a great listener and very caring, as well. I highly recommend her to anyone who’s going through fertility treatment.

— M.D.

My infertility journey has definitely been a long one. It started in May of 2011 when we discovered that I had miscarried after only being pregnant for a few weeks. At that point, we had only tried for two months and we were thrilled. However, our bubble quickly burst with the miscarriage. We actually felt fortunate that we lost it so early and the doctor said there was nothing to worry about. We figured it was a great sign that we got pregnant and should have no problem getting pregnant again. Well we started trying again that August and had no luck for almost 3 years!

During that in between time, we got various tests at the doctor, tried out random things and read blogs/info online to help figure out simple things we could do to help the process happen naturally. Well I found out that I had a thyroid issue which could have played a role so I got on medicine to regulate it. We then attended a free seminar with a fertility clinic and we realized that I had symptoms of PCOS as well, so I tried adjusting my diet. Nothing seemed to work.

Finally a friend mentioned that we should consider acupuncture. It did not seem to feel like a right fit for me, but I was willing to try anything if it meant we could be parents. I tried out two places before I met Jenny and although both places offered benefits such as stress relief and help with regulating my cycle, they were not the right fit.

When I met Jenny, it was like a breath of fresh air. She was extremely knowledgeable and experienced with acupuncture and Chinese medicine, but there was no language barrier, she was so caring and helpful and most of all……..she listened. She offered that “bedside manner” that the others could not offer. Acupuncture appointments actually became something I looked forward to and finally felt were worth the money! Not only did she apply acupuncture points to help with infertility but she was a resource of information and the sessions felt like therapy through this difficult time.

In January of 2013, we had our consultation with a fertility clinic and the mad dash to pregnancy began! We had testing done, attempted a couple of IUI procedures and even two surgeries to correct issues with my uterus (remove polps and repair my bicornuate uterus) over the next year. Throughout that whole year, I visited Jenny and she helped to keep my system balanced, increase blood flow to the uterus and help with healing from my surgeries. She would help me relax/reduce anxiety, provide supplements/nutritional info and help to ease aches/pains.

We finally decided to move forward with IVF in March of 2014 and Jenny was there to help navigate me through the process. We put together an acupuncture schedule based on a 9 point system that has shown results in studies that would maximize my chances of success. We were so fortunate that it took on our first attempt at IVF. In fact, I am 19 weeks pregnant today and we are expecting our first child on Thanksgiving of this year. We definitely have so much to be thankful for this year and I truly believe that Jenny was an important part of our success.

I highly recommend her services for infertility. Not only will you receive acupuncture treatment but Jenny will provide so much more. She provides resources, knowledge, a listening ear and a heart of gold. If you are hesitant to try acupuncture…….give it a shot, there is no harm. The benefits of stress relief, pain relief, increased blood flow/circulation, regulate your system are worth it and it increases chances for fertility!

— K.C.

Although I was a skeptic before starting treatment, I quickly became a believer based on my experience and outcome.  I came in for neck pain, however the acupuncture has also helped with other problems as well.  The relief came in less than 24 hours.  The amount of time and care provided by Jessi is what stands out in my treatments.  I’ve never experienced anything like it with western doctors and I have seen a great deal of them in the past 50 years.  I have highly recommended Jessi to several people because she is thorough in her approach and she’s also caring and compassionate.  She is my favorite doctor of all time, and I am very picky about my healthcare providers.

— M.V.

Jenny Karns is an amazingly talented acupuncturist!  I attribute the success of my IVF and the birth of my daughter Clara to her therapy.  She helped me to achieve pregnancy through acupuncture, herbs, and dietary advice. She also proved to be an excellent listener who helped me through the overwhelming anxiety of the IVF process.  She treated my pregnancy as well as post pregnancy symptoms effectively.   I highly recommend her to anyone seeking to become a mom!

— Jodi T.

Jenny is exceptionally professional, knowledgeable, approachable and skilled– she helped us conceive our first child. I recommend her to all friends and clients who are trying to get pregnant even if they have no “issues”– her expertise and sensitivity makes a scary process feel understandable and easier. I trust her complete and highly recommend her!

— Kathleen D.

Jenny is hands down THE BEST! She is very professional and knowledgeable and has GREAT bedside manner. She really knows how to discuss certain topics in a comfortable way, and I never felt judged or pressured by her. She is wonderful! I researched the right fit for me when trying to conceive and Jenny had GREAT reviews. I trusted them. After “not trying but not preventing” for a year and trying for 3 months I went to Jenny. Within one cycle I was pregnant! I know it was thanks to her acupuncture treatments and suggestions on changing my diet! Jenny also treated me for morning sickness in my first trimester and that helped SOOOO MUCH. I also went to Jenny at the end of my pregnancy and even DURING LABOR for pain management and to prepare for delivery. Whatever she did worked because I was able to give birth naturally in water to a beautiful healthy girl – THANK YOU JENNY! I was able to have my dream pregnancy and ideal birth thanks to Jenny. Most of all, Jenny helped me conceive my WONDERFUL daughter and for that I will forever be grateful. THANK YOU JENNY!

— Anna S.

I went to Jenny for two reasons: anxiety relief and fertility, two of her specialties. I had only tried acupuncture once in the past and didn’t really know what to expect. Jenny immediately makes you feel at ease. She spends a lot of time understanding your history and addressing your concerns.

Regarding my anxiety, within just a couple of treatments, I noticed a drastic improvement. An hour session made me feel more relaxed than an hour long massage. She also gave me tools to help with my anxiety at home.

Jenny also prepared my body for pregnancy. After disappointing news from my doctor that I would have trouble getting pregnant due to very low ovarian reserve (AMH), I turned to Jenny for help. She never over-promised but always made me hopeful and made sure I stayed in a positive mindset. I went to her for acupuncture treatments all the way up to my first IUI and afterwards. I got pregnant after the first treatment and I’m now 18 weeks along with a healthy baby on the way.

Jenny is simply the best. She has impacted my life in a major way. I can’t recommend her highly enough!

— S.H.

I’ve been to other acupuncture specialists in the Chicago area and have found Ms. Karns to be among the best.  She provides a very thorough medical interview and knows just what to do.
— Cathy H.

Jenny is the real deal. I was once a skeptic of acupuncture until I had my first session with Jenny. I’ve been seeing her since March and I’ve never felt more emotionally, mentally, and physically balanced. She is truly amazing at her craft.
— Jamel D.

Jenny is great! We tried to conceive for about four months with no success. Within one month of doing acupuncture with Jenny and following her modifications to my diet — we conceived ! She is very professional and very easy to talk to. I am so happy we choose to try a natural method like acupuncture before trying more conventional medical interventions that wreck havoc on your body. Jenny knows what she’s doing ….5 stars all the way 🙂
– Odilon.

I had horrible anxiety, sleepless nights and stomach issues before I started seeing Jenny. After the first treatment and a week of taking the chinese herbs the stomach problems had subsided.
Within a few more sessions I started sleeping better and learning to listen to my body.
Jenny is easy to talk to and is truly there to help you. I always had a million questions, but she took the time to explain and answer all of them.

I would recommend her to anyone who is interested in trying out acupunture!
– M.O.

I have been seeing Jenny for about 7 months and have seen a tremendous difference in how I handle stress and I feel more “balanced” overall.  I am going for fertility purposes and Jenny has put me on a great program of accupuncture and Chinese herbs to help get my body ready for pregnancy.
She is very caring, professional and truly cares about the well being of her clients.  I would recommend her to any woman who is battling fertility challenges, or anyone who is looking for a holistic way to manage stress.
– Tammy Z.

Jenny was great. After two years of trying to conceive and not wanting to go through IVF I decided to try acupuncture. About two months after I started I was pregnant. Jenny also helped me with back pains, tmj, nausea, and fatigue. Jenny was great. We are due this summer and Jenny still checks in to see how things are going.
– Claudia

Jenny has amazing customer service and a gentle nature.  She takes time to explain things and listen to your overall needs.  I saw Jenny towards the end of my pregnancy.  Not only was it relaxing, it really prepared my body for labor and delivery, and the birth went really well!
– Amy C.

I started coming to see Jenny for acupuncture after trying to conceive my first child for many months and after being diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Jenny helped me to make some lifestyle changes and helped me with the anxiety of the long process of trying to get pregnant. She also helped treat my allergies, and I was able to stop taking my antihistimine. I conceived the first month she treated me! She is very professional and has a very pleasant bedside manner.
– J.F

I would definitely recommend Jenny Karns acupuncture services to anyone that is looking for the best in Atlanta! I started going to her about a year ago and I have been pleased with the outcomes every since.
Her customer service is impeccable and she really shows that she cares about your well being.
– Sarah H.

When I began my acupuncture treatment with Jenny Karns, I was feeling very out of balance and somewhat out of touch with my body and energy flow.
In addition, I was stressed and anxious about my health issues–and about the effects of being stressed and anxious on my health! It was a vicious cycle.
I was referred to Jenny because she was part of a practice that focused on treating women with fertility issues, but through her unique, gentle and intuitive treatment, I discovered benefits that stretched far beyond fertility. With each treatment, she asks me what has been going on with me recently–what I’ve been experiencing physically, energetically and emotionally–and tailors the day’s treatment to fit those needs, as well as addressing the original overall issues.
She has an openness and sensitivity that is hard to come by in any field, and it allows her to treat each person as an individual, rather than applying a predetermined protocol. Even after just a few treatments from Jenny, I felt more balance and wholeness in my body, calm and peace in my mind, and openness in my heart and energy flow. She is truly wonderful.
– India P.

Jenny is an excellent acupuncturist! I started getting treatments from her 10 months ago and wished I had started 10 years earlier! She works to get to the bottom of my imbalances and fixes them. I’ve had a variety of issues including infertility, menstrual irregularities and digestive issues. With the herbs she prescribes and weekly treatments I have had regular, normal cycles since I started. My digestive issues have also been fixed. I feel more energetic and overall more healthy with acupuncture. And despite my age, I am hopeful that these treatments will help me conceive! Jenny is caring and professional and I trust her completely!
– Google Review

I started coming to see Jenny for acupuncture after trying to conceive my first child for many months and after being diagnosed with unexplained infertility. Jenny helped me to make some lifestyle changes and helped me with the anxiety of the long process of trying to get pregnant. She also helped treat my allergies, and I was able to stop taking my antihistimine. I conceived the first month she treated me! She is very professional and has a very pleasant bedside manner.
– Google Review

Jenny was great. After two years of trying to conceive and not wanting to go through IVF I decided to try acupuncture. About two months after I started I was pregnant. Jenny also helped me with back pains, tmj, nausea, and fatigue. Jenny was great. We are due this summer and Jenny still checks in to see how things are going.
— Google Review